Specialization Degree with honors in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery ( 5 years ) 1990
Catholic University “Policlinico Gemelli” (Rome , Italy)
Specialization Degree with honors in General Surgery (5 years) 1985
University “La Sapienza” (Rome , Italy)
Medical Degree with honors (6 years) 1980
University “La Sapienza” (Rome, Italy)
Chairman of Department of Integrated Procedures Jan 2016 – Jan 2018
San Camillo General Hospital (Rome, Italy)
Head of the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Division Jul 2015 – Present
San Camillo General Hospital (Rome, Italy)
• Coordinating a Staff of 9 attending Plastic Surgeons for both elective surgeries ,clinical cases and calls
coming from the Emergency Department of the Hospital .
• Coordinating the Plastic Surgery activities of the Team related to the Breast Unit and the requested
multidisciplinary treatment of Breast Cancer patients : Office consultations , personalized
reconstructive approach for each case, Day Surgery activities , post-op follow-up.
• Coordinating the activities of trainees , medical visitors and residents in Plastic Surgery or General
Surgery frequenting a stage at the Unit .
• Coordinating all the scientific activities of the Plastic Surgery Team , including work in progress for
clinical research papers , conferences and organization of courses . Weekly follow up and
preparation during the clinical meeting with the Plastic Surgery team to present new patients and
discussing the possible post op complications.
Head of Plastic and Reconstructive Division 2001 – 2015
“S.Pertini” General Hospital (Rome, Italy)
Consultant Plastic Surgeon 1987 – 2000
National Cancer Institute “Regina Elena” (Rome, Italy)
The clinical activities were institutionally oriented to the Oncological reconstructive procedures related to
the treatment of Breast Cancer , Head and Neck cancer and Dermatological Oncology
• Winner of a 3 year public scholarship at the National Cancer Institute “Regina Elena” , Rome , Italy
• Winner of a 2 year public scholarship of the Italian National Cancer League for a Stage and full time
Residency Program in Plastic Surgery at Hospital for the Facial Defects , Sao Paulo , Brasil.
• Teaching Professor at the Public Health School for Nurses
• Teaching Professor for Medical Residency Programs and Courses in Otholaringology , Vascular
Surgery, General Surgery , Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the following Public Medical
Universities :
o Pavia Medical School / University
o Modena Medical School/University
o Catholic Rome University “Policlinico Gemelli “
o University of Rome “La Sapienza”
o University “S.Andrea-La Sapienza”,Rome
o University of Rome “Tor Vergata”
• Teaching Director from 2012 in 19 “full immersion Video-Courses in Breast Reconstructive and
Cosmetic Surgery for two breast implants European companies : Polytech Health ( Germany ) and
Polytech Italy .
• In the last 30 years Dr.Pompei produced 127 published papers in national and international medical
Journals as Author and Co-author.
• In the last 5 years , as Author he has published three important papers on breast reconstruction on
the European Journal of Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Surgery Journal , in the last year 2 papers on
Aesthetic Surgery Journal and 1 on Clinics in Plastic Surgery .
• In 1999 he projected and realized in collaboration with Polytech - Silimed Company , a specific
Elliptical Reinforced , High projection Tissue Expander for breast reconstruction . To present days ,
the two Companies are commercially independent but they still have in their catalogs this useful tool
for the two stage breast reconstruction.
• In the last 10 years he has been involved as an Invited Speaker in 107 National and international
Courses , Symposiums and Conferences in Plastic , Reconstructive or Cosmetic Surgery .
• Between 2012- 2018, has been invited to talk in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Congresses in
different cities like Madrid ( 2 times ) , Barcelona , Budapest , London ( 8 times) , Kiev , St.Petersburg
( 3 times ), Winchester ,Mursia , Notthingam , Sao Paulo , Dieburg , Innsbruck , Paris ( 4 times ),
Dusseldorf , Vien ,Belarus , Kazakistan ,Dubrovnik ,Tehran ( 3 times ) , Dubai ,
Ryhad ,Gedda ,Vilnius ,Munich , Zagreb , Berlin, Cairo ,Athens , Cyprus, Hanoi ,Brussels .
• Dr.Pompei is internationally named for his personal clinical experience in the use of Polyurethane
implants ( more than 1100 implants utilized ) for reconstructive and cosmetic surgery in primary and
secondary cases .
• 2000 to present is a part of the selected Faculty of one of the most famous European Courses of Flap
Dissection on fresh Cadavers annually organized in june in Paris (by the Plastic Surgery group of the
Institut Goustave Roussy , Directed by Dr.F.Kolb ) with a maximum of 20 international delegates .
• Dr.Pompei from 2010 is the Organizer and Scientific Coordinator with the Collegue Dr.Roy De Vita ,
of the Rome Breast Surgery Symposium . International guests and famous Plastic and Cosmetic
Surgeons ( from USA , Uk , Brasil , Spain , France, Germany, etc.)

Next edition will be held in Rome
JUNE 2019