Dr.  Stefano pompei


Specialization in General Surgery
Specialization in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Past Resident in Plastic Surgery care of the Hospital of Defects of the
Face, San Paulo, Brazil
Attending Plastic Surgeon care of the National Cancer Institute” Regina
Elena “, Rome, Italy, from 1987 to 2000
Head of the Reconstructive and Plastic Surgery Unit at the “Sandro
Pertini” General Hospital, Rome, Italy, from sept. 2001 to June 2015
From 2015, July the 1st - present: Head of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Unit  at the “S.Camillo” General Hospital, Rome, Italy
Author and co-author of 127 National and International Scientific
Standing Member of the Italian Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic



reconstructive and plastic surgery


Stefano Pompei started with a simple premise: Make available to every woman and man the surgical and non surgical techniques they need to live a quality life. At the same time, educate,share and communicate with other colleagues both young and and young at heart, thus bettering the quality of care given to patients. This same idea still holds true today today and drives the need to treat each patient as the individual that they are. Our track record speaks to our commitment to patients, their families, and the global family at large. The latest technology teamed with years of experience are at your disposal.  We think you'll notice the difference immediately since we do not have a one size fits all approach and working together we can tailor the correct procedures to fit your health history and needs. 



• Primary Breast Augmentation ( for hypomastia , asymmetries , tuberous breasts )
• Revision Breast Surgery for previous inadequate augmentation or mastopexy
• Mastopexy with or without breast implants
• Breast Reduction
• Fat grafting
• Open or closed primary rhinoplasty
• Secondary revision rhinoplasty
• Upper and lower blefaroplasty
• Cervicofacial Rhytidectomy / Facelifts
• Fat grafting
• Prominent ears surgery / Othoplasty

Breast Reconstructions in collaboration with Oncological/breast Surgeons
• Prepectoral or Submuscular Immediate Implant Based Breast Reconstruction ( Direct to Implant or 2
Stage BR ) after Nipple Sparing / Skin Sparing Mastectomies
• Immediate / delayed reconstructive procedures with Acellular Dermal Matrices or Synthetic
Absorbable Meshes
• Immediate Oncoplastic procedures with glandular/perforators/myocutaneous flaps for oncological
partial resections .
• Immediate and delayed autologous breast reconstructions with Microvascular or pedicled flaps :
DIEP , MS Free Tram , Supercharged Tram , LD .
Head & Neck immediate or Delayed Reconstructions in collaboration with ENT Surgeons, Maxillo-facial
Surgeons and Neurosurgeons.

• Free/Microvascular Flaps for bone and/or soft tissues repair after intraoral/oncological resections of
the tongue , floor of the mouth , mandibular resections/reconstructions . Reconstructions for
Maxillo-facial , orbital , middle third of the face resections : Forearm flap , ALT flap , abdominal free
flaps , Fibular flaps , Iliac crest flap . Cranial bones and soft tissues reconstructions after oncological
or postrauma surgeries .
Lower Limbs reconstructive procedures with Microvascular or local-regional flaps ( bones and/or soft tissues
repairs for trauma or oncological resections ) in collaboration with Orthopedic and Vascular Surgeons .